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​Scouting activities contribute to the academic development of the children who participate. In the elementary grades, the program is built around a series of theme-based explorations. As a Cub Scout advances, the requirements get more challenging, to match the new skills and abilities they have learned. Cub Scout advancement supports over 120 elementary TEKS. In the middle and high school grades, service, community engagement and leadership development become increasingly important parts of the program as youth lead their own activities. More than 85% of merit badges include requirements that meet National Science Education Standards, giving Scouts a foundation in everything from nuclear science to robotics. Learn more at

BSA has resources to help both parents and leaders support Scouting at home, with stay-at-home activities for any Scout rank, and tips for continuing to work on advancement.

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Here are some additional great ideas to use at home to keep your Scout's skills sharp! Check back regularly and let your friends know about theses great options for at-home fun and learning for Scouting families and non-Scouting families alike. Read the important digital safety guidelines from BSA National Council.

Digital Safety Guidelines


When considering advancement opportunities for your Scout, especially merit badge classes, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Is the presenter following youth protection guidelines and digital safety guidelines?
  2. Is the presenter's process in line with basic BSA advancement procedures (see merit badge program and Guide to Advancement)
  3. Is the presenter charging a fee?
  4. How is the presenter ensuring that each youth actually and personally completes each requirement? (see Guide to Advancement section, which gives specific requirements and guidance for group instruction.)
  5. Do you have approval from your unit leader?
  6. Is the class occurring in a different time zone?

SHAC Virtual Scouting Guidelines

In order to comply with federal, state, and local guidelines, a number of temporary modifications are being allowed within the traditional Scouting program. As with all Scouting activities, the Guide to Safe Scouting and youth protection policies must be followed. These temporary council guidelines, in addition to BSA National guidelines, are in place to help navigate virtual Scouting while traditional programming is disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Virtual Scouting Guidelines               Rank Advancement Guidelines

SHAC Virtual Scouting

Volunteers have developed a series of remote Scouting classes. The coursework will be completed through live video conferencing calls. Classes are being added regularly. Classes are free. (Central Standard Time)

Service Projects

Doing service together is one way that Scouts keep their promise “to help other people.” Helping others is one of the fundamental values of Scouting and allows Scouts to see the value and impact they make by contributing to their community.  

For Scouts BSA, all service projects must be approved by the unit leader (Scoutmaster) in order to count towards rank advancement. "A service project is a special Good Turn that puts Scout spirit into action.” (Scout Handbook). Projects can take many forms.

Scout Saturday Live

The Western Los Angelos County Council holds a weekly Scout Saturday Live (SSL) and FUN for the entire family. Packed with games, projects, science experiments, and prizes, the SSL! livestream broadcast has something for everyone. The program will air every-other Saturday and is hosted by Scouts.

Scouts who view and participate in the show’s activities have multiple opportunities to check-off requirements toward advancements, awards and merit badges. The next show is scheduled for July 4 at 10:30 am (Pacific Daylight Time)


Merit Badge Classes

The Circle Ten Council is offering several online merit badges. There are some pre-requisites that need to be completed prior to the course. The cost is $5. (Central Daylight Time)


Merit Badge Classes

The Caddo Area Council is offering several online merit badges. There are some pre-requisites that need to be completed prior to the course. (Central Daylight Time)

Merit Badge Classes

The Black Warrior Council is offering three virtual Merit badge classes via Zoom. Class sizes are limited. (Central Daylight Time)

Scout Connect

Heart of America Council has a series of online merit badge courses. More merit badges are being added each week. (Central Daylight Time)

  • Scout Connect:
    • Animation Merit Badge
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Journalism
    • Music
    • American Labor
    • Law
    • Public Health
    • Genealogy

Scoutbook App

The new Scoutbook App makes it easier than ever for youth and their parents to view and track advancement. Find the advancements your Scout needs to work on to finish their rank.

Advancement Academy

The Cascade Pacific Council has an Advancement Academy with digital den meetings and online merit badge class. Digital den meetings are offered through Zoom and promoted through Facebook. Participants are asked to sign up in advance. (Pacific Time Zone)

Merit Badges at Home

Scouting Magazine shared a list of 58 merit badges that Scouts can complete from home. 

Weekly Challenge

For the next few weeks, the Greater St. Louis Area Council is posting a Weekly Scout Challenge with a variety of Scouting at home challenges every Friday. By the way, parents and Scouters are not left out! Why let the youth have all the fun! 

Merit Badges / Live Events

Alamo Area Council has several online merit badges and Facebook live events.


Seneca Waterways Council has set up a site to share ideas on how to do Scouting remotely, plus suggestions on how to work on documents together, and how to hold meetings together if you’re not in the same room.

Daily Scouting Videos

The Dan Beard Council is posting daily Scouting videos and activities that can be done at home! 

Merit Badges

The Narragansett Council has a variety of resources. (Eastern Time Zone)

Scoutbook App

The new Scoutbook App makes it easier than ever for youth and their parents to view and track advancement. Find the advancements your Scout needs to work on to finish their rank.

Boys' Life App

BSA has just released an entire year’s worth of Boys’ Life issues for free on their app! Find projects you can create from home and stories that will take your minds on adventures all over the world.

Scout On

Connecticut Rivers Council has useful programs for all types of Scouts, leaders and parents.  

Online Scouting Resources 

Digital Safety in a Time of Increased Online Activity 

As local councils and units use digital and online resources, such as video conferencing, to continue Scouting meetings, projects and advancement during the COVID-19 outbreak, the National Council is providing the following guidance. Note this guidance is not comprehensive and may differ from the legal requirements of state or local jurisdiction. 

  • BSA’s youth protection policies apply to all online activities. All online activities, including video and audio conferencing through platforms such as Zoom and Skype, must adhere to the BSA’s current youth protection guidelines for digital communications, including the BSA’s Digital Privacy guidelines and the BSA’s Social Media Guidelines. Because safety features and privacy controls vary widely from platform to platform, and out of respect for families’ own preferences concerning social media usage, we strongly recommend using business-oriented conferencing platforms—for example, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting and others—to conduct online group activities instead of platforms intended for online gaming (e.g., Discord, Robolux, Twitch). 

BSA’s Digital Privacy Guidelines         BSA’s Social Media Guidelines

  • Safeguard personal information. If you collect a person’s personal information online—for example, through web forms used to register people for online meetings—then you should post a notice or disclosure at the point of collection describing how you will use the information. The notice should be conspicuous and written in plain English. Keep in mind, video conferencing platforms (e.g., Zoom) have their own privacy policies which apply to data collected through the platform (e.g., if the platform is hosting your web form). Organizers of Zoom and Skype meetings—for example, unit leaders and Merit Badge counselors—may obtain personal information about a youth, such as his or her name, phone number or email address. Meeting organizers must keep such information private and not share a youth’s personal information with anyone else except that youths’ parent or guardian or the unit leader responsible for recording advancements. For example, a Merit Badge counselor should not publicly post or otherwise disclose a roster containing personal information of Scouts who the counselor has worked with. 
  • Recording online meetings is not authorized. As a reminder, Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse prohibits any one-on-one contact between an adult leader and youth members – in person, online, through a web conference, over the phone, via text, or in any other form. Electronic communication between adults and youth should always include another registered leader or parent. We believe our existing policy is the best way to protect youth and volunteers, and we do not believe recording online meetings would provide any additional material benefit. To the contrary, recording calls would increase personal risk as call recording is subject to various legal requirements under U.S. law and the laws of individual states, some of which require all parties to a call consent to recording. Considering those potential regulatory risks and the effect of BSA’s existing policies, we are not authorizing the recording of online meetings. 

Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse

  • Collecting personal information from youth under 13 is not recommended. We advise against collecting personal information directly from youth under 13 years of age due to the parental notice and consent requirements under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). COPPA does not restrict the collection of personal information about a youth from his or her parent or guardian. For the purposes of COPPA, “personal information” includes first and last name; home or other physical address; screen name or username that functions as online contact information; telephone number; a social security number; or a photograph, video, or audio file containing the child’s image or voice. 


Den and troop meetings, boards of review and Scoutmaster conferences don't have to be put on hold just because we're practicing social distancing. Here are a few resources to help you get started.

Educational Activities

HMNS at Home

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is offering digital museum experiences right in the comfort of your home. Dive into their online collection with video archives and virtual tours, connect with our social media and dig even deeper with Beyond Bones.

Merit Badge Classes

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Simon Kenton Council 2020 Online Merit Badge University $
Spirit of Adventure Council Base Camp Merit Badges Every Friday at 9am ET, the council opens approximately 20 new classes for enrollment and has a class size capped at 25 students.
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Cub Scout Advancements

Here is a list of Cub Scout Advancements that are easy to complete at home. Reach out to your leader and ask which Adventures you should work on at home. They may have some additional ideas.

(click for requirements)
Area Required/

Lion | Kindergarten

Animal Kingdom community R
Build it Up, Knock it Down building E
Gizmos and Gadgets motion and force E
I'll Do It Myself being prepared E
Pick My Path do a good turn daily E
Ready, Set, Grow plants E
  Rumble in the Jungle virtual den meeting  

Tiger | 1st Grade

Backyard Jungle nature R
My Family's Duty to God faith R
Tiger Bites nutrition R
Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries magic, virtual den meeting E
Family Stories family heritage E
Sky is the Limit space E
Stories in Shapes art E
Tiger-Safe and Smart safety E
Tiger Tales story-telling E

Wolf | 2nd Grade

Duty To God Footsteps faith R
Paws on the Path hiking R
Adventures in Coins coins E
Code of the Wolf games and secret codes E
Digging in the Past dinosaurs E
Finding Your Way navigation E
Germs Alive germs E
Grow Something plants E
Motor Away transportation E
Paws of Skill sports and fitness E

Bear | 3rd Grade

Baloo the Builder tools R
Bear Claws knives R
Fellowship and Duty to God faith R
Paws for Action citizenship R
Bear Picnic Basket cooking E
Make It Move engineering E
Roaring Laughter jokes and games E
Robotics robots E
Super Science science experiments E
A World of Sound world music, E

Webelos Scouts | 4th & 5th Grade

Fellowship and Duty to God faith (4th grade)
Duty to God and You faith R (5th grade)
First Responder first aid R
Adventures In Science science R
Art Explosion art E
Aware and Care disabilities awareness E
Build My Own Hero citizen heroes E
Engineer engineering E
Fix It home repairs E
Game Design games E
Looking Back, Looking Forward your own timeline E
Maestro music E
Moviemaking moviemaking E
Project Family family life E

Fun Stuff



NASA offers a variety STEM activities for kids in grades K-4 with ideas to build, problems to solve, books to read, pages to color and games to play.


Project Wet

Interactive activities about water topics including water cycle, ocean, fresh water, watersheds, water conservation and protection, indirect and direct water use and more.


Let us know about any additional Scouting resources we can add to the list. 

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