Activity Contacts

The activities committee and civic service committee has the primary responsibility of helping units succeed. Members of the committee should be selected to handle four basic categories of council activities: 

  • Display events (Scouting shows, shopping mall shows). The more visible, the better.
  • Competitive skill events (e.g., camporee, pushmobile)
  • Civic service projects
  • Scouting Anniversary Week celebration (e.g., district dinner)

Each of these Scouters should recruit enough people to help with the particular kind of big activity. The committee:

1. Sets policies and procedures for activities.
2. Sets goals for activities.
3. Plan sand runs activities.
4. Submits a budget to the council finance committee.
5. Promotes activities and civic service events in and for units.
6. Establishes guidelines for coordinated district activities such as camporees, recognition dinners, etc.

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Aldine Pathfinder Debbie Swinson Program Chair 713 594-5787
Aquila  Carol Clarkston Activities Chair  
Arrowhead  Rick Smith 
Don Scherer  
Angie Lopez
Activities Chair
Activities Chair
Program Chair
281 701-4984
Big Cypress Suzy Weaver Activities Chair 281-246-4488
Lisa Whitley Program Chair 7130545-6370
Brazos Karen Dailey Program Chair 832-222-2685
Copperhead David Luley Activities Chair 281-409-8741
David Crockett Maria Lewis Activities Chair 254-721-9817
Flaming Arrow David Godell Activities Chair 281-360-3355
George Strake Jan Hackett Program Chair 919-475-3150
Iron Horse Greg Cunningham Program Chair  
Mustang Bill Wescott Program Chair 713-468-0799
Orion Rene Halbardier
Jim Woods
Activities Chair
Program Chair
Phoenix Tamela DeMaranville Program Chair 713-824-8367
Raven   Clay Wheeler
Angie Repman
Activities Chair
Program Chair
713 851-8594
San Jacinto  Raul and Molly Benitez 
Leslie Melton
Activities Chair
Program Chair
Skyline Frank Parent Program Chair 713-515-8858
Soaring Eagle Becca Franco Program Chair 713-408-7776
Tall Timbers Kevin Henao Program Chair 832-326-1550
Texas Skies Joe Dante Program Chair 832 859-6007
Thunder Wolf Abraham Kurien Program Chair 832 623-2330
Twin Bayou      
W.L. Davis     Ann Costello
Marcus Stevenson
Activities Chair
Program Chair

Council Activities Committee

Council Activities Chair Dennis Olheiser 281-831-0787
Scouting for Food Chair Susy Weaver  
Rocket Day Chair    
Council Recognition Reception    
Council Professional Activities
Committee Staff Adviser
Brendan Cronin 713-756-3308