Council and District Training Contacts

The leadership training committee is charged with making available certain training opportunities, seeing to it that high standards are set and complied with, and assuring that instructors faithfully adhere to those high standards.

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District Training Chair
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Aquila  Brian Staley 713-208-1156
Arrowhead Scouts BSA Bill Griffin
Mara Behrman
Arrowhead Cub Scouts Jody Court 281-914-3785
Arrowmoon John Romero 979-587-2121
Big Cypress Alicia Rodenberger 281-225-9429
Brahman Doris Klaus 979-732-7582
Brazos Sandy Southern 832-588-8650
Copperhead Brandon Cain 832-746-6818
David Crockett Rebecca Capt 817-528-7875
Flaming Arrow David Drum 214-418-9080
George Strake Randy Garner
Ignacio Sauceda
Iron Horse  Randy Bell 713-305-8461
Lone Star  Tage Swenson
Jaime Waller
Mustang Pat Whitnel 713-826-0322
Orion Dave Weaver  
Phoenix Rhonda Bill 832-384-3159
San Jacinto Larry Myers  
Soaring Eagle Pablo Canovas 281-788-1137
Texas Skies Aaron Sobel 281-698-0032
Thunder Wolf Carey Snyder 832-459-5382
Twin Bayou Charles Williams 713-533-3800
W.L. Davis     Amy Earle 832-372-4338

Council Training Committee

Council Training Chair Ajey Chandra 832-459-4179
Council Training Vice-Chair Alicia Rodenberger 281-225-9429
Climbing Training Joe Welch 281-463-7332
Conservation Training Glen Buckley 936-273-0098
Order of the Arrow Training Zach Whitehurst  
Powder Horn Chair Bill Berry 713-885-1397
Sea Scouts Training Chair Cassie Johnson 281-955-8164
Shooting Sports Training Bob Shrewsberry 832-492-1388
Trainer's EDGE Chair Karen Stancik 713-858-7326
Venturing Training Chair Cassie Johnson 281-955-8164
Wood Badge Training Chair Marcy Brown 713-664-5206
Youth Leadership Chair Larry Stehling 713-419-7063
Youth Protection Training Champion James Yaklin 281-513-9786
Council Training Registration Lily Garrison 713-756-3305
Council Professional Training Staff Adviser Brendan Cronin 713-756-3308