Merit Badge Days

August 8, 9
Sept 12, Sept 26, Oct 17, Nov 21

Tellepsen Scout Camp
3450 County Rd 317
Navasota, TX 77868

Check-in begins at 7:40.

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Scouts in troops can participate in one-day merit badge classes held at Tellepsen Scout Camp on Saturdays and Sundays in July and August.

Classes will be held from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  State of Texas and Center for Disease Control requirements will be followed and class sizes will be limited. Classes will stay together for the day and will not mix with other groups. Parents will drop off and pick up their Scout at the merit badge class. Scouts will go through a medical screening up arrival.


The registration fee is $20 per class.  Individual Scouts can register. Classes that are full will not appear in the registration system.

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Before registration:

  1. Scouts are to obtain approval from their unit leader before participating in the class.
  2. Have the Scout's BSA member ID number available. This number is critical to identifying the Scouts in Scoutbook. Find a Scout's BSA Member ID at the bottom-center of their BSA membership card, ask their unit leader, or look it up in (under Menu, then My Profile) or Scoutbook (under My Profile, then Edit Profile).

Waitlist: Participants on a waitlist will be notified by email if a spot opens and will not be charged for the class until a spot becomes available. To modify or update your registration, go to

Merit Badge/Class


Prerequisite and other notes


Archery   Might be a partial if Scout is unable to qualify shooting skills
Basketry & Leatherwork   none  
Canoeing   #2 (bring this form), bring clothes to get wet in and a towel
Climbing 13+ none  
Emergency Preparedness 13+ Prerequisite: First Aid Merit Badge; Req. #2c is not completed at camp; bring #8b (emergency pack)
First Aid   Bring #5a (first aid kit), complete #5b prior to camp
First Class Emphasis (not a merit badge) New Scouts; Scout rank, Tenderfoot, & Second Class Scouts Learn more  
Fishing   Req. #9 is not completed at camp
Orienteering   none
Rifle Shooting   Might be a partial if Scout is unable to qualify shooting skills
Shotgun Shooting 13+ Might be a partial if Scout is unable to qualify shooting skills
Space Exploration   none

 = Partial       = Eagle Scout Required     = Nova-Related       = Supernova-Related 

Arrival / Pick-up

Check-in begins at 7:40 am. The classes begin at 8:00 am. Upon arrival to camp, please drive directly to the area where the Scout’s merit badge will be taught. At each individual merit badge area, a member of the staff will conduct a health screening, including a temperature check. Scouts will stay together in their merit badge area. Social distancing restrictions will be observed. Scouts will be picked up at the same location where they were dropped off.

What to Bring

  • BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A & B for all Scouting events), bring a copy
  • Pre-event screening form, bring a copy
  • Map for drop-off, bring a copy
  • Read COVID at-risk statement
  • Facial covering
  • Proof of prerequisites complete 
  • Merit badge book for each class, read prior to class; purchase at the Scout Shop.
  • Sack lunch (eat breakfast before arriving); recommend hydrating food and avoid dehydrating foods; avoid caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks; send nonperishable food unless it's stored in a lunch box with ice packs
  • Water bottle, water, drinks and healthy snacks
  • Arrive hydrated (drink water the night before; drink water on the way to camp)
  • Field uniform (Scout uniform) or activity uniform (Scout t-shirt) is encouraged
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Notebook and writing utensil
  • Day pack or backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • Hat
  • Camp chair
  • Rain gear
  • Blue cards are not needed; however, Scouts are to obtain approval from their unit leader before participating in the class. 

    Canoeing Merit Badge: also bring this form (verification of passing BSA swim test), clothes to get wet in and a towel

First Class Emphasis Program (FCE)

The First Class Emphasis program is for first-year Scouts that focuses on teaching the Scouts the skills necessary to complete many of the Tenderfoot, Second Class or First Class skills. The class will work as a patrol and have the opportunity to learn most of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. The FCE instructors will not sign off on any skills. The list of skills the Scouts worked on during the First Class Emphasis program will be available in the online registration system. The Scout will then need to demonstrate the skills learned to their Scout leader. After demonstrating proficiency in each skill the Scoutmaster or designee will then sign off the requirements in the Scout Handbook and Scoutbook.

Tellepsen Scout Ranch 

Tellepsen Scout Camp is located at Bovay Scout Ranch. The camp is located at 3450 County Road 317, Navasota, TX 77868).

How to Register for Merit Badge Classes


Click on the registration link, then click Register. 

Step 1: Select a participant: 
Step 2: Select a class 
Repeat step 2 if you want to take more than one class. Repeat step 1 for additional participants.
Step 4: Review the schedule.
Step 5:  
Step 6:
Step 7: 

Classes that are full will not appear.

Change Classes

To modify your registration:


Darlene Scheffler
Registration Coordinator

Sandra Borrego
 (713) 865-9123
 Tellepsen Scout Camp: 
    3450 County Road 317
    Navasota, TX 77868


Erick Simmons
Camp Director
 (713) 756-3315​

David Van Kleek
Council Camping Chair
 (713) 201-7699​​


Brandon Lewis
Director of Support Service
 (713) 756-3319​